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  • 16.07.2020
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Shaktidal | 17.07.2020
I don't mind, I just get easily distracted in discussion boards if other people jump in. I agree that evil is subjectively defined by humans if there is no God. BUT, if there is an all powerful God, then it could logically follow that a creator God can objectively define evil based on his unchanging characteristics. Put more simply (because the above might not be worded correctly it is possible that if there is a God, that morality transcends the opinions of humanity.
Negar | 17.07.2020
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Gagami | 21.07.2020
Both have thick tits, buth at 02:12 you can see karlee's are so big
Zulukus | 25.07.2020
Too big. It's not his fault. There's nothing out there too big it's always the vagina too little. ;)

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